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“music that truly synthesizes traditions rather than simply flirting with them…ego-less, genre-agnostic and without expectations, it’s the sound of the future, today

“ a bandleader of impressive agility…a blossoming talent and inventive composer on the rise”

“Baron’s expressive performance lent them living, breathing vitality and exquisite nuance”

her approach to jazz  and to music in general was immediately exciting, as well as admittedly perplexing, but there was also a quiet relatability about it; you’re not quite sure how she came to these sounds, but somehow you feel like you understand her

always finds ways of adding her voice that lifts those of the others around her..stitching all the pieces together like an expert hip-hop producer, cross-fading strains of art and folk music traditions from across the U.S. and Europe….That kind of intricate synthesizing work—as any observer of the late, great producer J Dilla could tell you—comes from deep, borderline-obsessive knowledge of all the related material

““Sidestepping pigeonholing comes naturally to Baronher approach to the accordion is decidedly forward-thinking: rather than hew to established tropes, she strives to divest the instrument of its familiar status and allow it to speak with a fresh voice

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SIMONE BARON is a polyglot pianist, accordionist, improviser and composer. A listener of sounds beneath, within and beyond, her music plays at the intersection of the familiar and the avant-garde. Simone was educated at Oberlin and Tel Aviv University and joyfully de-educated at festivals and performances across Europe and the Americas. Simone has won grants, fellowships and residencies from Chamber Music America, South Arts, Maryland State Arts Council, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the Hambidge Center, Bloedel Reserve, Istituto Sacatar, iPark, Strathmore Foundation, ArtOMI, UMD, Avaloch Farm, the Banff Centre, and Spectrum Toronto. In 2016 Simone founded Arco Belo, a GenreFluid chamber ensemble. Simone is a Victoria Artist and plays a Poeta XB Accordion.




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