ruin manifesto

(a living document)

a good manifesto every once in a while is quite healthy for the soul.

the ruin is born from the creative union of a state and its contrary.

the ruin is born of a past that could have been and a future that never took place. 

the ruin is the perfection of the fall.

rovesciare, to turn upside down, 

to overturn, topple, tip and tumble

to spill, unspool and slop 

hides in the geology of ruins

occupy our dreamscapes!

resist oppressive specificity 

free the space on the margins!

disoccupy our timescales!

time does not exist-

time crystallizes

charge up space between audience and performer until the audience becomes performer,

the performer audience-

as indistinguishable as the moment the ego sees itself.


a ruin is a portal,

a generative point for narrative construction of archetypal memory

breathing is a study in empathy 

composition choreography are studies in somatic empathy. 

to bring a work to life is empathy

to exercise artistic empathy, to reinvent process is a subversive act against systemic oppression and capitalist apathy.

a ruin is subversive because it symbolizes process with no product

a ruin is subversive because it inspires empathy for what is not present

a ruin is subversive because it always stands alone, a spatio-temporal singularity.

a ruin is subversive because it is alive through its decay, 

silent witness to history’s suppressions

(for  every history there is an unhistory)!

a ruin signifies transformation rather than crumbling memories

the ruin does not represent what is missing, 

rather it creates its very gone-ness.

a ruin is an uncubator.

a physical relationship to an external object like a ruin  inspires a sensitivity to our own body 

bodies that learn and unlearn stories, traumas and harmonies

a ruin is the closest thing we have to a mirror for negative space

negative time


we map this absence using the audience as sensory activators for an un-presence.

what is left when you cannot touch? 

when does a ruin become a ruin?

which ruins will remain? 

which will disappear to decay and what will calcify/crystallize in new forms?

we learn and unlearn forms in hopes of unfocusing time, 

in hopes of speaking with the part of us never allowed to speak

ruins are liminal times, what has been generates what will be.  

occupy space for generative futures and imaginative pasts! 

explore reality and surreal dystopia bleeding dimensions into each other. 

explore people nothing but deterritorialized containers of time, fluid intersectionalities of linear and circular temporalities.

explore diffraction- the precise demarcation between the determinacy and permanency of boundaries

down with the dominancy of consciousness!

down with ego!

down with preservation, notation, legacy!

down with unquestioned lineage, culture, and policy.

push and free- liberate from the shell!

long live process as an end in and of itself in its messy glory!

long live a new fluidity of creation! 

long live songs of impermanent boundaries! 

long live odes to the permeability of the ruin!

long live the great unlearning!

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